Review: Soviet Order Zero – In Disparte

Soviet Order Zero is a fairly young band as they have been playing together only since 2016, but the lineup is actually made up of people who have been hanging out in the undergrowth of discomfort and recrimination called punk hardcore for much longer: the members have played in other bands in the past, such as kalashnikov, minority of one, rust. Such oldness, wisdom, and a lot of blood under the bridges brought the band to define their music as an “Adult Oriented Punk Rock“. A definition that, with a pinch of (self) irony, fits pretty nicely indeed. “In Disparte” is their second album, after their first namesake one released just over a year ago, and it is a nice example of that typical Italian punk from the “Kina school”, always poised between melancholy, anger and personal and social malaise. Ten songs in which a direct and incisive rhythm section accompanies a schizophrenic guitar made of melancholic arpeggios and powerful riffs and, above all, a shouted and heartbreaking voice that screams iconoclast proclamations against everything and everyone, even god, like in the first song “ordine soviet”, or tells us about the emptiness of absence as in “l’errore dell’assenza”. A musically strong and homogeneous album, never banal or boring, which manages to be incisive and to question everything, which has deep roots in what we were and branches that strive to create a future out of time. A future that maybe doesn’t exist, but we’ll find out only when we’re already beyond. In doubt of the umpteenth defeat, let’s all toast to the long life of the soviet of the zero order!

Review by Ombra Punx
Translated by Marco Il Secco and Alessia Baraldo

Listen to “In Disparte” on the  Pirate Crew Underground Channel

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