Güerra: new single and first album coming!

Güerra from Romagna announce the release of new album with a new song

Güerra, a punk oi! band from Romagna, have just released their first single entitled “Sogno Mattine Senza Campane”. The song announces their first album entitled “Güerra”, which will be released on cassette thanks to Tigre Records and on 12” vinyl through the conspiracy Do It Yourself of which we are part along with Ansaldi Records, Bologna Punx, Dischi Grezzi, Equal Rights Forlì, Nuclear Chaos, Rumagna Sgroza, Stray Dog, Strigide Records, True Believers DIY Booking.
The album will be released and will be presented on the best day of the year, that is 13.12 at Vecchio Son, the day when there will also be the dis-birthday of Bologna Punx. Here the event.

PS: We thank Güerra for having defined us, among many, a reality that is close to their hearts. Guys, you gave us diabetes!

And now, listen to “Sogno Mattine Senza Campane” and let us know what you think!

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