Review: Debunk – Doped Life

The boost of Debunk is now on CD!

I have to admit that I’ve been listening to the same CD in my car for 3 weeks now. No, it’s not that I don’t feel like changing it with another one or that I’m always undecided about what to listen to: the truth is that the new (and official) album “Doped Life” by Debunk, a hardcore punk band from Reggio Emilia active since 2011, is a real pleasure for my ears. Previewed on the 20th of September during their release party at Splinter Club in Parma, this album was recorded at Subway Studio and came out officially on September 27th (but I bought my copy earlier, ha!) by means of the label Sorry Mom!. It only comes in CD format, contained in a kick ass digipack, whose colourful and funny comic illustrations were drawn by the talented Bet. We can say that sometimes a record can be judged by its cover too.

While I focus on the nutty punks illustrated in the cover artwork, the first track “You’ll Get Me Down” starts playing in the background, and it’s just like an adrenaline rush in your veins! By what comes out from my car speakers, I can say right away that this album was recorded greatly: clear and accurate sounds along with pumped up basses, so that I can be a proper “naff” in the urban traffic. Obviously, the credit for the quality also goes to the skills and the musical technique of these three excellent musicians, who are really good in live performances as well (it should be noted that some trios don’t make a great musical impression on stage, but this is not the case of Debunk, so.. doubly good!).
The second track is the one you’ve probably already heard of: it’s called “Flower Punk” and there’s also a music video for it, which you can find below this review.

After that, it’s time for the songs “Stay With You”, re-recorded for this occasion, and the homonymous “Doped Life”, which both resemble skate punk a lot. Actually, I haven’t mentioned that this band is influenced by NOFX, Good Riddance, Pennywise and co., a kind of sound I really love.
It’s now the turn of the “triptych” “Accept Your Idea”, “What a Shame” (top!) and “Your Mother is a Slut”, whereof I can only say: step on it, mate! Each track is full of strength and has its own identity, and it’s quite impossible not to fall in love with them at first listening.
Since this album is varied, although the songs follow a very precise line, we can find some gloomy – but always badass – tracks, such as “New Day” (one of my favourites) or the last one: “You’ll Not Survive”.

The 12 tracks of this album are about to finish, but the opening guitar riff of “I Want To Be Free” makes us understand that these guys still have something interesting to show us. In fact, here come the cheerful and lively “Problem Drink” and “Only Girl”, which really take you and make you feel like partying!
To sum up, I’ll just tell you that I had been waiting for this release since I started following this band. So, believe me, go to their next gigs and grab a copy of this bomb!

ALBUM RATING: 9 ½ / 10

Review by Chiara Piva

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