Review: Disavow – S/T

First tight and very powerful “full length” from Disavow

This second discographic release from the Swedish band Disavow, published in Italy by the excellent Epidemic records, is influenced by old school HC with modern sounds and will certainly appeal to fans of bands like Trash Talk and Rotting Out.

This is a very fast and angry album with powerfully screamed vocal lines, a beautiful, distorted, strong bass sound, full-bodied and just a bit gloomy sounding guitars and a pounding rhythmic section.

The screamed lyrics express a deep inner uneasiness, but also the daily struggle in dealing with social relations and the creeping hypocrisy of modern society.

There is no shortage of old school social/political lyrics in tracks such as “Yours to begin with” and “Abstain”; featured in this last track is Andrea Cengic, frontman of “waste”, whilst “See through me” features Chris Colohan, from a quite well-known band called “Secte Cursed”. As advised by fans of old school and new HC punk, if you are in a sad mood perhaps you shouldn’t focus on the lyrics ehehehe.

Just kidding, Disavow have really done a further qualitative leap considering they had already made a good impression with their first 7” “Half empty” two years ago. We just have to wait until they’ll come playing their “S/T” live in Italy!

Rated: 8/10

Review by Riccardo Santi


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