Review: Jx Arket – About Existence Ep

Second discographic test for the turinese band with a mix of power and melody

Jx Arket from Turin come back after two years since their debut “Meet me abroad”, produced this time by the great Antigony Records.
The quintet proposes us an interesting mix of Post Hardcore, Emo, Screamo and Metalcore, with a style similar to that of many 90’s/early 2000’s bands, among which are Thursday or the very first A Day To Remember.
The sung part is divided between melodic parts and a “suffering” screamed, cleverly interchanging between each other, while on an instrumental level, the guitars juggle among arpeggios, solos and violent breakdowns; the powerful and by no means banal rhythmic section completes a very well-played and produced album.
Just from the title of this Ep, “About Existence”, we can foresee that the lyrics are highly profound and speak about the futile aspect of life. Using the turinese band’s words, it is a real “concept”, among dark atmosphere and sad melodies, although leaving the perception of a willingness for hope.
After saying this, I make a premise: on a very personal level, Jx Arket are not one of those band that I would listen to repeatedly, but sometimes I like to give myself a challenge by reviewing something different with respect to my tastes, thus, putting myself in the shoes of a person who “dabbles” Screamo, Emotional and similar, I say that these guys know their onions.
Until next time, amigos!

Grade: 7/10

Translation by Martina

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