Review: Sinoque – Demo

Sweat, blood and tears, Sinoque’s demo is a synthpunk UFO coming straight outta the Cuckoo’s nest.

In French, Sinoque means “crazy, outlaw, demented” which gives a pretty good idea of the electric and smoky atmosphere of their sets. 

I had the luck to hit the road with Anna, Nahida, Git, and Tom. Show after show, they managed to bring me into their sick, sad and sensual world where laughter and love stories turn sour. Nights stolen from the pale North sky and from the melancholy you feel in the morning when the ashtray is full and the bottles are empty. A broken heart in a straitjacket. 

These four friends from Nancy mix vintage keyboards with distorted guitars, melodic bass lines and animal energy. Not to mention their drum machine, which recalls one of the most emblematic French punk bands: Béruriers Noirs. Female and male screams meet each other and identities multiply as the band plays with words. The jewel in the crown is their cover of Dalida: an antem to the stage that they won’t leave until their last breath. 

Seeing them live and listening to their demo while crying in my room like a 14 yo emo girl, left me with the strange impression of meeting the degenerated progeny of Béruriers Noirs and Dalida


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