The Unborn: “Non Aprite Quella Porta” announces new album

Listen to the new Unborn song from their new album

The Unborn are about to release their new album “Slasher – Street Punk Anthems”, 12 Street Punk/oi tracks linked to Italian style detective stories and the slasher genre. The album, which will be released via Skinhead Sounds in digipack CD, will be presented at the tenth anniversary of the Cantina del Gojo in Viterbo on November 16th. These days the band released the first track, entitled “Non aprite quella porta”, inspired by the film with the same title (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre). Listen below:

The Unborn "Non aprite quella porta" (lyric video)

Un estratto dal digipack CD "Slasher – Street Punk Anthems" (Skinhead Sounds 2019). Il brano รจ ispirato al film "Non aprite quella porta" (1975) di Tobe Hooper. Video di Silviete Mela IoD'Orazi. Fotografie di Michela Midossi – Foto.

Pubblicato da The Unborn – Band su Sabato 26 ottobre 2019

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