Review: Rejekts – Triratna

An introspective journey with a crust soundtrack

Triratna is a Sanskrit word that means “three gems”, this word represents a key concept in oriental phylosophy, the three gems are body, mind and soul, the titles of the three tracks of this album. Three different points of view on a unique subject: human nature. Rejekts followed this inspiration for the creation of a musical journey where crust and black metal sounds are melted, a journey that is also introspective thanks to really interesting lyrics.
Body is the first track that opens the album. It starts with a short instrumental intro, which reminds some oriental sounds, almost mystic: after some seconds a rhythmic growl starts, alternated with a sharp scream. A really good start. “Act, Suffer, React”.
Mind. The second track starts with a rhythmic and slow beat, a simulation of a heart beat. The atmosphere of this track is a bit more solemn than the previous one, we are in the middle of the journey, the screams enter in the track with decision, the song goes on vacillating between instrumental bridges, arpeggios and quick and sharp verses, all these elements lead to a beautiful conclusion in black metal style. “It exist something that is beyond my comprehension, but I don’t have idea of it. This is my curse”.
Spirit, the last track. The end of the journey. The song starts with a good acoustic intro, this goes on even when the scream starts, until it reaches a really nice climax at the end of the track, fully black metal style which reminds me a bit of the first Ulver’s work. A really good conclusion for this trip. “I’m alive. I’m dead. I’m free”.
Concluding: this is a really good album, almost a concept album. Rejekts are precise and they managed to combine very well crust and black metal sounds, the album is never repetitive, each track has its own style and features, however they always maintain a logic that contributes to create a solid work. The album should be listened in order from the first track to the last, that’s the best way to appreciate it in my opinion. Great job.

Grade 9/10

Review by Max


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