Review: Destinazione Finale – In Bilico Nel Reale

 Destinazione Finale will soon unveil their first LP

Formed around a year ago, Destinazione Finale from Tuscany is gathering members of Carlos Dunga, Alfatec, Satanic Youth, Iena, xDoloreanx, Night. Ivan, lead singer, Jacopo, bassist, Stefano at the drums and Peqz at the guitar recorded five 80’s hardcore punk songs with efficient riffs and a very particular and caracteristic voice. The first guitarist left the band just after their first concert and was replaced by Alex. Released at Serial Bowl Records, their first EP will also soon be out on tape on the Spanish label Polze de la Mort. Their album’s cover convenes to the codes of a surrealistic imagery also present in their lyrics ”in bilico nel reale/on the edge of reality” : the title of the new LP.

Destinazione Finale are efficiently playing with the codes of hardcore and horror-punk, while the poetic dimension of their lyrics balances the roughness of the music. Their sound is raw, shaped by  hours spent in a sweaty practice room and will please the lovers of old-school hardcore punk.

Their EP cover, an eye crying blood in a fountain, made me think of the poem of Baudelaire (precursor of the surrealist movement) The Fountain of Blood :
It sometimes seems to me that my blood is flowing freely,
And a fountain with rhythmical sobs.
I can hear it flowing with a long murmur,
But I feel in vain to find the wound.”

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