Review: Madbeat – Luci Rosse

True Working Class Punk Rock

As much as it can seem right, the way I defined Madbeat, a band from the Italian “Motorcity” Turin, here above doesn’t give the idea of the emotions their second full length album “Luci Rosse” gave me.

Released by the trustworthy Indiebox, their sincere and blunt punk rock proves to be well played, and when you listen to the lyrics you’re like: “I wish I had wrote this one!”. If you’re around 30 (like myself) and are rolling between unemployment, precariousness, exploitation and fear of tomorrow, you just can’t not feel this record a little yours.

In fact, in this album Punk is the soundtrack of the will of outcasts’ redemption, despite thousands of problems to face daily and the awareness of “another day to get into fights with” (cit. “Notti Punk”).

The everyday life described by Madbeat is the one of the Turinese working class kids made up of sweat and  blood thrown into the damned factory, which certainly shares common points with the kids belonging to other areas around our “Bel Paese”, who have to deal with finger-pointing conformists, in addition to their uneasy sociopolitical conditions (“Sotto Processo”).

Luckily, this so tough reality also gifts us with splendid moments spent at the server, on the terraces and at gigs (“Casa”), where we’re all united to defend our own values together with true and sincere friends, who are always ready to bend over backwards for you (“Familia”).

It’s useless to say that with this kind of lyrics and such pleasant melodies each track of this album gets imprinted in your mind immediately and never goes away, therefore go buy this latest Madbeat effort, it’s really worth it!

Album rating: 9/10

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Translated by Chiara

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