A split to relive the shared tour through punk rock

It bursts with energy, cymbals and chamber in four fourth Ramones style, this unmissable split between the Genoeses Ratbones and the Canadians Neck, who after a European bomb tour in 2018, repeat themselves and fly to Toronto to show studded jackets and guitars.
What can I say, we start sticking to our knitting and it is known that from the Ligurian slope the sound of “leave home” by Cj and company and of “move back home” by Queers is great.
In these two songs it is possible to feel a personal push made of solos and a lot of rock n’ roll, with a scratchy voice and a Social Distortion aftertaste, like in “broken thinks”, maybe the best track of the album, in which there is a chorus that remains impressed in your head.
Announcement, if you don’t know them, hurry up and listen something by Ratbones from their discography, ‘cause the level is very high.
More cheerful and squared are Neck, who are also really funny in the final part of “ha ha hertz”, characterized by a rough and highly peculiar voice together with a contagious laugh. Few chords but well placed, to be endlessly listened in the loop in the remains of eternal bad boys with ripped jeans, Screeching Weasel sweatshirt and worn out Converse.
You can obviously find all of this in 7’’, but in two different versions, 45 of 250 are with a special cover just for true fans, that’s a nice shot from I Buy Records, which is always on the ball for what concerns the genre.

Grade 7,5

Review by Mauro “Glue”
Translation by Martina

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