First official video by AntiBastard

With “Burn Berlin” AntiBastard aim immediate and ready to smash and burn gentrification

The band is proud of their first official video, entirely shot in their “houseprojekt” in Rigaer Strasse, Berlin. Videomakers the professional Bassk√∂ster. The message impatiently cries out for fight against the rising tide of gentrification in Berlin, crossing with drunken step the place while seeing life scenes of the bunch of freaks and fixing in mind the refrain by Demian: “Fuck your order, your system, conformity, We bring chaos, disorder, and anarchy!”

Every track is political fury challenging capitalism, consumerism, refugees tragedy, and reflects the frontman’s journalism background, drawing issues such as Batou lake or the hunger strike of refugees squatting a school.

Thick noise for your ears !

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