New video by El Terrific, “Venti e poi mai”, comes out

The first single from the new album

The song “Venti e poi mai”, already released on December 13, soon became a videoclip thanks to the phantomatic EviesNebek. El Terrific, Italian stoner punk band, will soon release their second album “Le città invisibili” (via Duff Records) and have chosen this as the first single from the album. “Venti e poi mai” is about the inexorable flow of time, the blurring of dreams and the reference points that falter as the years pass. With this single, El Terrific open a concept album, composed of 11 tracks in Italian, describing a journey through the thirty years of the band members. The release of “Le città invisibili” is scheduled for spring, so for now let’s enjoy their first video taken from that album here.

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