Review: The Last Breath Of Life – Total War

Beatdown HC against bigots

Third effort for The Last Breath of Life from the southern Modena area with a mix of HC, Beatdown and Death/Groove Metal in the name of scumbagness! The album, called “Total War“, was released about a month ago for Wavemotion Recordings and is made of eight restless tracks. Very tight sections alternate to super-violent breakdowns while, from time to time, shades of melody come out of the guitar phrasing, emphasizing the band’s strong metal influences. The vocal parts juggle skillfully among screaming and growl, providing powerful results! The lyrics recount the daily difficulties of our shameful society, full of fascists (“Servants”), deceiving moralists (“Point Break”) pedophiles (“Ogre”) and licks of power (“Punishment”). In short, The Last Breath of Life does not save anyone, and with their “mosh shots” they take their personal revenge against the rot around us. Highly recommended to those who love bands like Hatebreed, Nasty and First Blood and in general to those who fit in the ballpark of good HC with metal influences, without forgetting social problems.

Rating: 7/10

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