Review: Modern Love – Ensomhet Vet

A new EP for the Scandinavian Modern Love band

Modern Love released their latest album, Ensomhet Vet, on the 29th of June 2019. We had the pleasure of hosting the band, originally from Oslo, at the Smashsoundfest Vol.2 last April.
The last record the band released was from July 2017 published by Tross Alt for Refused Records and Stonehenge Records. Their style has not changed; the album is catchy melodic punk with one song leading into the other very well. The record, here released through Refused Record once again, opens with Høstløvm, the single of the EP. Overall it is a quick one with an easy-listening 13 minutes. It is true enough that it is melodic punk but we might go out on a limb and say that it features some melodic hardcore which might translate into some post punk as well. That is how they play, this is how the singer sings and it is clearly the sign of a proud DIY band faithful to their Norwegian language. In fact, much like the first track, the rest of the album is sung in their mother tongue.
The album is a solid one from Modern Love. We are always happy to listen to them and we hope we will be able to bring them here in Italy once again.
Rating: 7
Reviewed by Giulia

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