Review: Sempre Peggio – Anni Buttati (Wasted Years)

Four aces for the band from Milan

Sempre Peggio are back with a lot of style! The cover and the title of the new album speak clearly: it’s all about street life and Oi! Attitude, these 4 tracks flow as fast as a beer on a friday night (which always costs too much!)
The album is produced on 7” vinyl and it is co-produced by Fire and Flames Music, Timebomb Records and us, Radio Punk (if you want a copy just contact us!). It will be presented in Milan on the 15th of February, as we announced on this article.
First track: Malelingue (Gossipmonger), this song is an attack toward anyone who badmouths people, well… Fuck off!
It’s time for Rinnegato Oi! (Oi! Renegade), also in this case the band is straight and clear, a bald head is not enough: if you don’t have the right attitude you aren’t a skin, you are just a fake!
Third track: Risveglio (Awakening), it starts with an “Hey Oh” that leads us immediately in the core of the song, a story of a piece of life of everybody (more or less): the morning after a night in which we said “Until there is something to drink I’ll drink!”.
The last track arrives almost too soon, 4 kicks of drums, rhythmic bass and let’s start: Senza Freni (Brakeless), an hymn to Friday nights, a perfect chorus to do under the stage before jumping into an uncontrollable mosh.
Well: rapid guitars, scratchy voice, rhytms that forces you to move… an album of excellent Oi! music, Sempre Peggio: quality assured.


Review by Max


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