Adolescents – La Vendetta – Review

There are bands that never get old and always go on with the same strength, attitude and passion just like when they were kids. Among these, there are the Adolescents and today we’re going to talk about their new 16 track album, “La vendetta”, released on July 11th 2014. This album, like others, shows why the band became such a legend in the hardcore punk scene in California: 16 fast, direct and catchy tracks (none reach 2 minutes) sung by Tony Cadena’s resolute voice, accompanied by choruses that garnish and give personality to the entire album. With this work, the band wants to give space to the oppressed, especially to those who were abused by the law enforcement agency, and so they talk about Kelly Thomas’ death: a homeless person who was killed in 2011 by the police in Fullerton and the latter were never found guilty. The album also talks about being punk in “Let It Go” and dedicates “The Last Laugh” to Pat Fear, front man for White Flag, dead at 52. In the other tracks, the band deals with other themes often presented in a nostalgic and sometimes ironic way. A long time has passed since their 1981 debut album “Adolescents”, better known as “the blue album”, but these “kids” still continue to thrill us with strong albums and great punk.

01. Monolith At The Mountlake Terrace 8,5
02. A Dish Best Served Cold 8,5
03. Bulletproof 7,5
04. Double Down 7
05. Fukushima Lemon Twist 8
06. The Last Laugh – 8,5
07. 30 Seconds To Malibu 7
08. Silent Water 7
09. Talking To Myself 8
10. Formula 13 8
11. Rinse Cycle 8
12. Ricochet Heart 7,5
13. Nothing Left To Say 8
14. Sludge 7
15. Sanctuary & The High Cost Of Misery 8,5
16. Let It Go 8,5


“Revenge is a dish best served cold
We will never forgive
This story will be told
With this pen
I’m going to fuck you up” – A Dish Best Served Cold

Reviewed by T.S.

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