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Anti-Flag, Andead, Mad Beat @ HT Factory, 14/5/2019

We are all human. It’s time to prove it

It was only Tuesday and I was already tired of that week. Fortunately in a few hours a very important concert would take place at HT Factory in Seregno. “Why important?” you’re wondering. I’m telling you now. The guests of the night were Mad Beat, Andead and Anti-Flag. In particular these last 2 bands give voice to political and social injustices in Italy and abroad, working with important associations like Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, but not only. Now let’s start the night!

I arrived at the old Honky at 8 p.m. and there was already a good turnout of kids for a Tuesday. I saw with pleasure friendly faces, although due to my shyness I never have the courage to greet anyone. A few minutes late they finally opened the gates, although May it was really cold outside. I came in and I took a quick look at the merch tables and to the unmissable Sea Shepherd’s one.

After a little Mad Beat started to play. I was surprised to see already a good number of people under the stage to support the boys, very good! I’ve never seen this band before, and I have to say that they blew my mind. The setlist is composed by tracks from their album “Ancora domani” of 2016 with the addition of the new single “Notti punk” present in the next album that they will start recording at the end of the month, and a cover of “Police on my back”. I’ll be taken for granted but I would recommend this band from Turin active since 2013 to people who want to hear a bit of clashian sound. You won’t regret it! The performance ran smoothly, the air in the room started to warm up and it was time to leave the stage for Andead.

Both loved and criticized, the band led by Andrea Rock began their set. That was the fourth time I’ve seen them, three of them always opening Anti-Flag. But there’s no other way. The topics that these two bands share, as I’ve already said, are the same. And you will say “They aren’t the only ones that talk about the fight against all extremism”. You are right, but they do it in a genuine, direct and simple way, without ever falling into trivial. Among the songs performed there were “For the underdogs” that I personally love (it’s always beautiful to sing a song dedicated to the marginalized), “Me vs the outside world”, “She don’t care”, “I see these bombs”. The concert continued with interventions by Andrea on the current Italian political situation and at the sentence “The human race is not born to hate” the guys from the pit sang a nice -Vaffanculo Salvini- giving way to the song #Defend. Andead’s show ended with the usual stage diving of Andrea on the notes of “Punk rock revolution”. After a year I can say that the band has become more familiar with the audience and won the hearts of all the fans. Keep going like this!

After a few minutes the full room is flooded by the notes of “Blitzkreig Bop” by Ramones. I don’t deny that for a couple of seconds I imagined myself at a Green Day concert. But instead the mohawk of Justin Sane peeked out of the curtain and finally Anti-Flag came up on stage. The screams filled the room and the band started with “Die for your government”, needless to say the delirium that has developed.

They were through half of the song, and a lot of people were already stage diving, what a beauty. From the band guys’ faces, I don’t think they expected such a powerful response from the audience. But luckily the pit was more alive than ever, ready to sing every single song until losing their voices. They continued fast with “Broken bones”, “Racists” and “Cities burn”. A small break to catch the breath and they start fast again with “Fuck police brutality” with Chris who jumps like crazy, there was no way to calm the air under the stage. They moved on with “1 trillion dollars”, “Power to the peaceful” fists in the air and continued with “This is the end”. Another break to resume with “American attraction”, “Death of a nation”, “When the walls falls”, “The press corpse”, and “Drink drank punk”. We were at the end.

It was time for “Brandenburg Gate” their masterpiece where the drummer (not Pat ’cause he was at home with his newborn son and to whom we send our best wishes!) goes down to the pit with Chris. At first I thought, “How will they go down with the room full?” and seeing all the guys going up on stage I imagined a Suicidal Tendencies ending but no, it was to create space for the drums. The kids went down the stage to return to the pit with Chris and the drummer named Eric (I suppose) and the empathy that has been created between the band and the audience is phenomenal, as always. For a moment I closed my eyes and I remembered their performance at Bay Fest when the fireworks started right when this song began, those who were there can understand. It was 00.15 and I came back home full of happiness but also aware that from tomorrow the melancholy about waiting for their next concert will arrive.

The only Italian date for this year ended great, and if you have not yet had the opportunity to see the quartet from Pittsburgh, get it right as soon as possible, understand?!

We thank all the bands, Out of Control, Hub Music Factory and HT Factory for the evening.

Report and photos by Silvia Pirotta

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