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Back to normal, but is it worth?

Countdown to get back to the long-awaited normal, ordinary life that we lived before the covid-19 crisis. Is that a legitimate desire or should we think about it and take advantage for making a change?

One of the leading trends of these boring lockdown days, almost as a house confinement (without truly trying to empathize with those who actually are in house confinement) is “damn, I can’t wait to go back to my ordinary life”. The end of the quarantine like the finish line of a metaphorical race to reach the normal and ordinary life. Are we sure that to go back to our everyday pre-lockdown life could really be a good perspective?

This forced enclosure period that is resetting the clock of our lives rather should make us reflect on what our everyday life really was and on how really the daily routine looked like before this health emergency distorted everything. I just can’t believe my eyes when I read about people that are actually looking forward to go back to their sick daily routine (which we all curse while living it). A routine made by daily work and the real lifetime bound to remnants of time between the daily grind.

Precarious lives where we are never actually in control, movies in which we are just actors (often not even starring) but never directors. I think that this particular situation should make us think on how everything in our daily life is not designed to our happiness, wellness or realization, but only to the untouchable and inviolable profit and exploiting logics.

That is something to run away from, and especially to oppose

It’ss our everyday life, the existing that we have to boycott, to radically subvert, and not to aspire. Is your entire existence worth this? Would you reduce yourself to a tool, maneuvered by the state or the economic system (the two things usually match together) that daily exploits people, animals and resources with the one and only aim of profit? Out of the bounds of lockdown, our sick everyday routine awaits, an existence made by cages, walls and concrete, based on exploitation, abuse and power, are we really sure that we want to come back to this?

Refuse work, the state and all the social customs is not only possible, is the only way to actually subvert this system, which is profiting of this health emergency, even when has contributed creating itself, just to keep on self-legitimating. May all of this become a real opportunity for a true and radical change for everyone, not to go back to normal, because normal was the problem!

Andrea Cassino (Passione Nera Records)

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