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Blind Ride – Too Fast for a Sick Dog

Ride fast, ride blind!

From Campobasso, Molise (Southern Italy), the same city that delivered us Defezione, another album from another brand new band!

Blind Ride (here their Facebook page) are a very recent formed band – since just October 2019 – that not only got already recorded their very first album, but have a unique and outstanding sound.

It’s hardcore punk, no fuckin’ doubt about it; edgy, cynical and somehow even claustrophobic, painful, that makes you just wanna get out, breathe, just fuckin’ breathe and get the hell outta this damn place. Even fast, of course, but without being redundant. Blind Ride knows how you mustn’t be ultra-fast to be heavy and groundbreaking.

But there’s more. In the seven tracks of this CD there’s a lot of rock’n’roll, the real and noisy rock’n’roll of MC5, early Motorhead and Turbonegro, with maximum volume guitars and ear-melting feedbacks, thick and dense riffing. All of this in order to get even more hot and spicy a sound that is somehow close to the My War-era Black Flag, hallucinated, loud and abrasive.

Blind Ride deliver us a solid record, they know what they want, and at the same time fluid, fast and vigorous; the listening is easy because it’s impossible to get bored, all killer, no filler! Great songs like “Parasite”, “Afraid of losing nothing” and my very favourite, “December”, are so good that they could be on their own EP.

They can easily be compared to Wet Spinach from Austria, both capable of delivering such a unique and original hardcore’n’roll blend. If you like this kind of stuff, I recommend you to check out the band called Bored!, from Australia, sadly no more active nowadays. It happens rarely that a so recent formed band already finds its own kind of sound, and even more rarely they deliver such a good record, so I really hope that Blind Ride got more things, songs and records to come, because I can’t wait to get my hands on it!


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