Descendents – Hypercaffium Spazzinate – Review

The Descendents had a great influence in the Californian punk rock scene, and “Hypercaffium Spazzinate”, their latest album released on July 29th for Fat Wreck, it’s a clear evidence of that.
The album contains 16 tracks for 31 minutes 40 seconds and starts with the melodic “Feel This”, which highlights prof Milo’s beautiful voice and Bill Stevenson’s drums, thus anticipating what we are going to listen to.
Karl Alvarez with his bass lines doesn’t get us nostalgic for Lombardo and leaves futuristic trails in “Victim Of Me”, “On Paper” and apocalyptic days in “No Fat Burger”. The song “Testosterone” is almost epic: the drums performs those stroke rolls, typical of Stevenson, with a disarming naturalness and Milo gives himself to skate punk themes (Snfu style). It’s among my favorite tracks of the album together with “Without Love”, which I have already listened to a million times!
On the other hand, “We Got Defeat”, “Smile” and “Limiter” go back to the old style being melodic and choral, the core of modern punk rock. However, the sound is simple and spontaneous, qualities that many bands have forgotten.
“Spineless and Scarlet Red” catches you, seduces you, tears you to pieces and leaves you there. But “Full Circle” values the end of the album, an exciting, overwhelming track like few others.  “Comeback Kid ” and the closing track “Beyond the Music” show the great feeling among the 4 musicians.
Played from the heart and from the ideals, the culmination of a long and successful career, Hypercaffium Spazzinate” is one of the best albums ever, but the Descendents have no rivals in making very good records. Let’s hope not to wait 12 years more for their next masterpiece.

1.Feel this 8
2.Victim of me 8
3.On paper 7
4.Shameless halo 8
5.No fat burger 9
6.Testosterone 8
7.Whitout love 9
8.We got defeat 8
9.Smile 7
10.Limiter 7
11.Fighting myself 8
12.Spineless… 8
13.Full circle 7
14.Comeback Kid 7
15.Beyond 8


Reviewed by P.A.
Translated by E.C.

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