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Distruggi La Bassa 2020: big announcement!

The latest bomb dropped by the guys of Distruggi La Bassa Fest

Update 05/03/2020

Here’s the full lineup:

Youth Of Today [Official]D.R.IMDC – Millions Of Dead CopsInsanity AlertKrav BocaCrippled Fox
Gli UltimiKontatto – D-beat from the gutter –
@Cattivo Sangue – My Own Voice HCGüerraRake-Off
Obscene RevengeMotherRadio ShakedownMuD
Cancer SpreadingCagedIRA – Hardcore
Infamia Modena PunxZëneNIETDebunkStanis
IL Complesso – streetpunk –VIBRATACORELatebra
Orchestra ogopogoVixaGMC – la Grande Mietitrice di CervelliMilkSnake .


Update 20/02/2020:

New names announced: MDC  (headliner), Obscene Revenge and Caged.


Today is a day of great announcements for the guys of Distruggi La Bassa. The crew in fact, has just announced the new headliners:

Youth Of Today (Ray of today, Porcell, Sammy, Walter) on SAT. 25 JULY 2020/ Fest DAY 2 – EXCLUSIVE ITALIAN SHOW

Other confirmed bands:
IRA – HardcoreRadio ShakedownRake-Off

These bands come in addition to the already amazing line-up along with: D.R.I.Crippled FoxInsanity AlertKrav BocaKLASSE KRIMINALEGli UltimiHorror VacuiKontattoMotherNO MORE LIESGüerraInfamiaMuDMy Own Voice.

You can buy your early bird ticket (incl. camping) with special price here.

The fest will take place at Piper Club Park in Ferrara on 24/25/26 July 2020 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).


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