If I think about the 15th and 16th of July 2016, the first things that come to my mind are many thrills and a lot of bands with great talent. Those were two unforgettable days with both emerging and legendary bands such as Adolescents, Raw Power and T.S.O.L.
I’m obviously talking about the “Distruggi La Bassa Festival”, which took place in Rovereto di Ferrara, at the “La Gattola” lake.
Even though I wasn’t driving my punk-mobile (that old car I use when I travel around for Radio Punk), the trip went smoothly and we arrived on time. The camping site was spectacular: very cool and with a lot of fresh air. After meeting with Monta and some other friends, it was time to check out the concerts.
To keep it simple, I’ll just make a list of the 16 bands and I’ll describe them.
Let’s start!

DAY 1:

Pisciosangue: hardcore punk band from Florence, very influenced by Nerorgasmo. The band was very energetic, especially the singer. A 25 minute concert in which the band smacked you in the face with their dissent.

Problems: punk rock band from Ferrara. They were very lively on stage and their tunes were very catchy. They are not too young, but their ways were very youthful. The front-man was very elegant, but very energetic and this is why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

CosaNostra: band from Bologna with a great stage presence. All the members wore a balaclava during the entire show. The band, which was followed a lot by the audience, performed their own versions of songs by Nabat, Colonna Infame, Indigesti and Crash Box. It was a nice trip in the Italian oi and hardcore musical scene. I’ll cite the singer: “We are not a Nabat cover band, even though we play a lot of covers”. They just released an album: get it!

Doxie: 4 girls from Bologna dragging the audience. I liked the vocal contrasts between the lead and choruses. Their music was both powerful and melodic. At times, they recalled the Distillers. They were great!

New Real Disaster: a great band with great harmony between all the members. Nice riffs, nice bass lines and nice drum parts, with a sharp and particular voice. They reminded me of the Bouncing Souls, even though they have their own identity. Here’s our review for their album:  http://radio-punk.tumblr.com/post/142788948799/album-review-new-real-disaster-the-truth-the

It’s time for the headliners of day 1: Adolescents.
One hour of great Californian hardcore punk for this historical band from Fullerton which has been on the road since 1980. Steve Soto, Tony Cadena and the rest of the band were very engaging. There was mass hysteria during songs such as “Amoeba”, “Kids Of The Black Hole” and “No Way”. They also included songs from their penultimate record “La Vendetta”, which was super (the review: http://radio-punk.tumblr.com/post/109403338544/album-review-adolescents-la-vendetta-itaeng ).
A great moment was when Tony, right before the last song, plunged off the stage in the arms of the audience, which made him rise again. There is not much more we can say: they are legendary. I wish I could have seen them in their golden years.
PS: on July 8th, “Manifest Density”, their latest album, was released. I’m very curious about it! You?!

The party continued a while with a lot of punk music. Then everyone went to sleep to recuperate for day 2, which displayed 10 bands.

DAY 2:

Stupro HC: rotten sounds for this drum and bass duo accompanied by their two shrill voices. Citing them: “We are Stupro HC, but for the occasion we are Strupro THC”.

Wah ’77: a fast and powerful punk trio from Parma. No frills and great impact for this 25 minute concert. Good job!

Devasted: this is the band I enjoyed the most and they come from Parma/Bologna. Their music is characterized by different beats and great riffs. The alternating vocals were incredible. The bass player’s singing reminded me of Off With Their Heads, with his thick and gritty voice. The guitar player’s voice was a bit more melodic, but still very sharp.
Here you can find the first part of their album trilogy: https://devasted.bandcamp.com/album/in-one-breath-corruption

Still Nervous: melodic hardcore punk somewhat similar to Good Riddance, which is a good thing. You should follow them: they have personality, there’s harmony between the members and the singer is very charismatic.

Idol Lips: punk rock band from Ceccano (FR). This elegantly dressed quartet is influenced by the Ramones and rock n roll. They were great on stage!

Radio Shakedown: these four kids from Pescara delighted us with their melodic punk rock music. Very catchy riffs and songs, alternating vocals and great choruses characterize them. They were good on stage! Borghetti bottle: the band’s fifth member!

Chains: traditional hardcore, but not banal. This straight edge band from Bologna gets right in your face. The singer moved around like a maniac and the audience was thrilled. They were great!

A New Scar: I love them and they make your ears bleed…in a good way. Fast, sharp, energetic and Dezo’s voice is the icing on the cake for this hardcore trio from “Ferrara, Pordenone, Udine and Medjugorje” (cit.). No technique, only impact and anti-SIAE t-shirts.

Raw Power: I’ve seen them 5 times and I’ll never get tired of this legendary hardcore band. They were powerful, even though the audience wasn’t at the beginning. Great energy, great presence and great passion. They are the best example of hardcore, which isn’t just a genre, but a lifestyle. After “State Oppression”, a song that would create chaos even inside a church, it was TSOL’s turn to take the stage.

T.S.O.L.: just like Adolescents, I would have loved to see them in their golden years, but for now I can say that they were formidable. Great interaction with the audience, great musicians and powerful music, even though speed is not their focal point. Their punk is fantastic and their best-known songs, “World War III”, “Code Blue” and “Dance With Me”, greatly thrilled the spectators. 50 amazing minutes of concert. A must see!

These were two astonishing days. We would like to thank Monta and all the people that helped achieve this amazing festival. Our next appointment is August 21st , with the second part of this concert: Iron Reagan and many others will take the stage! See you soon!

Live Report by T.S.
Translated by J.L.

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