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stefano vitali cantante e tatuatore infezione artwork

“Infection” | Artwork

This artwork titled “Infection” represents the man of the future

infection artwork stefano vitali uomo del futuro

“We are forced every day to suffer, to suffer their imposed supremacy relationships, at work, at school, in the streets; to suffer this social order managed by them is precisely for this reason in their sole interest…”

This artwork titled “Infection” represents the man of the future, corroded by any abuse of society, eaten by diseases caused by work in death factories, enriching the pockets of some pig exploiter of human lives. Our life will be worth less than profit (unfortunately we can see it even more clearly in this period) if we don’t succeed in rebelling and getting rid of this sick system we will be completely incorporated, becoming zombies capable only of working and dying to work.


Artwork and words by Stefano Vitali

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