Interview with Ben Osmundson (Zebrahead bassist)

Today we have the honor to talk with maybe one of the most important bands in the pop punk/punk rock scene of these 20 years: Zebrahead.
Not much time ago came out their new Live Record called “Way More Beer” and we had the occasion to talk with the bass player of the band Ben Osmundson, to ask him something about the band’s future.

Line up:
Matty Lewis – Guitar/Voice
Ali Tabatabaee – Voice
Ben Osmundson – Bass
Dan Palmer – Guitar
Ed Udhus – Drums

R: Radio Punk
B: Ben Osmundson

-R: Hi Ben, what do you think about the new album “Way More Beer”?
-B: You asking me?! I am stoked…I love the way it turned out. We waited way to long to make a live CD/DVD.

-R: What is in zebrahead future?
-B: We have a couple things we are working on right now. Suprises. And at the same time we are writing new songs for the next record.

-R: New album will be similiar to “Call Your Friends”?
-B: We have written so many new songs. It all depends on which ones make the record. We have lots that sound like call your friends songs…But also lots that sound totally different…So as of now I have no idea which will make the record.

-R: Which influences will have this new record?
-B: Making songs that don’t suck! Ha-Ha-Ha!!!

-R: So we are at the end of this interview, thanks and this is our last question: what do you Wanna say to radio punk’s readers?
-B: I want to say thank you to everyone out there for caring about our band! We feel lucky to be able to travel the world, drink beer and play music. We are some of the luckiest dudes in the world. See you guys on tour soon.

Interview by Roberto Bellusci

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