Interview with Duracel

And here we are with our very own Duracel. Four guys with a passion for the Ramones and for well-done parties with lots of alcohol and fast punk rock. After a 10 year career, they come out in 2014 with “L’ora d’aria” for IndieBox. These guys musically grew up, but they still have a pure punk rock spirit! We wish them 20 year and more of concerts and successes, but now let’s see their answers during this interview! Gabba gabba hey!

Line up:
Zamu: Basso/Voce
Umbre: Guitar/Bg Vocals
Vale: Guitar
El Bocia: Drums

R: Radio Punk
D: Duracel

-R: Hi guys! You’ve been around for a while, what does being a Duracel mean to you?
-D: Being a Duracel has the same meaning that it had back in 2003: first of all, a real Duracel has to be a real party-lover, always ready to make a mess and to go to bed for last. It’s harder when you’re 30, but we have to say that, for now, we’re still able to do it. Or even better, how a real Duracel would say: “a gestir el bar centrale”…

-R: In your opinion, what will be the fate for punk rock in Italy?
-D: In Italy, punk rock is dead. It’s just us and some other nostalgic dick that grew up in the 90s. Nowadays there is hip-hop (or something similar) and that’s it. Peace. It’s useless to fight: we’re riding a dead horse. The good thing is that we don’t care!

-R: “L’ora d’aria” is your latest album. What is the title referred to?
-D: “L’ora d’aria” is that break that you allow yourself to take when you’re done working and you find yourself playing. In the end, it’s the only moment of the week in which we’re able to really be ourselves, without anything holding us back and the necessity of proving something to someone.

-R: What album or albums made you say “alright, I wanna play punk-rock”?
-D: The “sacred triad” of the Ramones inspired us to play punk-rock; “Bar” by Derozer made us want to do it in Italian. We’re obviously from the Dookie-era, so we can’t leave out an album that had so much to say for our generation!

-R: What is punk-rock for you?
-D: Fun, speed, loud singing, easy emotions, melodies and being drunk. Practically, all you could want!

-R: Are you working on any new material?
-D: Everything’s kinda vague, but we’re working on it. We still have to decide the direction we want to take; also because we have other projects for the near future, but it’s still too early to announce anything!

-R: Say something to your fans!
-D: “Stronzi”!…by the time we break up, you’ll probably be retired. This says it all! Gabba gabba hey!
Interview by C.Q.

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