Interview with Marsh Mallows

15, almost 16 years, in the local music scene are a lot and our friends Marsh Mallows know it well: 5 studio albums and many many live shows. For their fans and for hardcore-punk fans they became an assurance. What else to say, I hope these guys will continue to give us their music because we’re grateful. Here’s the interview!

Jim (Francesco Rainone) – lead vocals
Andy (Andrea Maestri) – guitar
Fabs (Fabio Muratori) – bass
Teo (Matteo Mastroianni) – drums

R: Radio Punk
M.M.: Marsh Mallows

R: Since 1999, you released great albums, what is your secret?
M.M.: Our secret is that, first of all, we are friends. When you compose or record an album, the key element is the groove between the band members.

R: The hardcore scene is becoming a big deal among the younger ones, what would you tell these new bands?
M.M.: There are many bands in Italy, but there is also jealousy. In a country like ours, with very little possibilities and a distorted vision of music, it is like shooting at the Croce Rossa. Some advice? Make music from your heart, not because it’s a trend or because it might be appreciated.

R: Which one of your albums had you guys have more fun while recording it?
M.M.: “Qualcosa di nessuno” because it kept us 20 days in Cascina (Pisa) locked in an apartment. And between one recording session and the other, a lot of fun stuff happened.

R: Did you ever think about a possible collaboration with some hardcore bands overseas?
M.M.: It would be a dream come true, but we never had a person/label that could help us in this matter.

R: Are there any differences between our hc scene and the American one?
M.M.: There are major differences! In the States there are at least 90 concerts per year, with the possibility to perform on big stages and with the idea that, if a band is playing, I’ll go check it out and, if I like them, I’ll follow them around. In Italy it’s not this way!

R: Nowadays you are the ones who give inspiration to the Italian hardcore bands, but at the beginning which bands were inspiring you?
M.M.: We’re weird! We were listening to Guns’n’Roses, Metallica, Megadeth, Bad Religion, NOFX, Offspring…a weird mix that created the Marsh Mellows’ sound.

R: Who are the people you want to thank from 1999 to the present day?
M.M.: It might seem corny, but we want to thank our families. Our parents gave us the opportunity to go around and play, understanding our passion. Our wives, fiancees and kids understand that, for us, music means life and that, despite all the problems we might face, it makes us feel alive!

Interview by C.Q.

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