Interview with Unknown Destination

A lot of anger mixed with passion: these are the key words for the Uknown Destination, a band from Basilicata region (Italy) playing hardcore with a lot of attitude. Today we’ll be interviewing them, we’re glad we can understand more of these gutsy guys.

Line up:
-Vincenzo Sassone – Vocals
-Roberto Bellusci –  Guitar
-Domenico Cristiano – Guitar
-Antonio Trotta – Bass
-Gabriele Corizzo – Drums

R: Radio Punk
U: Unknown Destination

-R: Hey guys, how you doin’? Feel free to describe yourselves to our Radio Punk readers..
-U: Hey radio punk! We’re a band coming from southern Italy, formed of 5 guys sharing the love for loud music and having fun, we’re together since 2013 and last month our formation had a slight variation, after two years we added Antonio as bass player giving me (the singer) more space to better my performance and act better on the stage. We play HC only because we truly love it and we hope that this will never change.

-R: I heard that your Ep just got released, what do you guys say about that? Are you satisfied with it? When will you guys release another Album?
-U: Well, “The real life” was definitely a step forward for us, we explored the beauty of recording in studio which made us grew up and let us know a lot of nice people thanks to the shows we did to promote the Ep. As soon as we’ve published it (15 Oct 2014) we started right away working on the new Album, which is currently in pre-production, so yes, we’re making everyday new possible tracks for this new album. Thanks to Antonio it’ll sound different, and we’ll try to gather all of our music influences and put em inside of it. To understand what have changed since “The real life”, we’ll re-record some tracks of that Ep. Furthermore, we’ll be soon shooting our third music video for the song “Defeat All”.

-R: How is it like in Basilicata? And is there a good music scene?
-U: Well, Basilicata is an amazing land although it’s underrated, we love its food and we do like our life here. I’m talking about 4 of us, because Antonio comes from Cosenza! The scene here in Basilicata is almost absent, it ain’t easy to organize shows and have more than 150 people, since around here there are other interests.

-R: Is it easy to play your genre of music in that area or are you guys always forced to move to find some decent venues?
-U: As already said, it’s not easy but independently from the genre of music, the average Lucano (Basilicata inhabitant) prefers to listen to some Pop Rock cover band instead of an underground new band. We’re starting to play out of Basilicata to get something more than what our Region can offer us.

-R: What are thr bands that inspired you the most?
-U: We have very different tastes in out band: Antonio, Gabriele and Domenico go crazy for Hardcore (Madball, Mosh..). Vincenzo listens to many different genres (Rap, Post HC, Punkrock) and I am more pop punk (Blink 182, NFG, Allister, Zebrahead etc..) and nu metal and I’m trying to put these influences in our music although i’m not sure that you can hear them haha.

-R: With what bands did you get along the most and what is the show you prefer to remember?
-U: We played with amazing bands (l’ultimo atto, Face your enemy, As mercy comes, A great milkshake, One shall stand…). The show that i wanna remember is the one with Till Death 2, in Senise (our town), we played with 4 of the bands I mentioned before and it definitely gave me a lot of satisfaction!

-R: We’ve come to the end, thanks a lot for your answers, we’re leaving the usual free space to say whatever you feel like saying! Bye and talk to you soon again!
-U: I’d like to thank all those people who follow us since the beginning and those ones who support us, plus I d like to thank Radio Punk for giving us this opportunity and I do hope to talk to you guys again with good news! Thanks, laters!

Interview by T.S.

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