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Radio Punk is since 2011 a self-managed webzine that has grown over time and has become a real set of projects including a distro, a small independent label and various self-productions with recycled materials. However, we are not a radio as the name would suggest. To animate this project there are several people from different parts of the world, all in a voluntary way and completely self-organized. We are also convinced that punk is not only music, but that it has countercultural and political aspects, so we are proudly anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, anti-racists, anti-sexists and against any form of authoritarianism and militarism.
Without going any further with the presentation, we need people who want to give us a hand with seriousness and commitment, respecting deadlines and so on. We specify immediately that precisely because it is a voluntary contribution, there won’t be a lot of work to do.


-News editors: you will write the news requested by bands and labels and look for interesting news on the web, or write news from press releases. You will be part of a team that will be coordinated online. If you’re interested, you should be fluent in English.
Delivery time: same or next day.

You should have a computer and Internet connection, and check e-mail and messages once a day at least. You will upload your articles directly to our site, dont’t worry if you can’t use WordPress, it’s very easy and we will teach you how to use it. We can’t pay for your work, because our webzine gets no funding. However, we are looking for reliable, serious and motivated people. Punctuality is very important for us.

To apply, contact us ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY at before Sunday, March 8th, with a short introduction and a link to a social network profile, writing in the subject “Radio Punk contributors”!
Spread the news, tell your friends about it! Thank you!

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