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New EP for Bislers

The italian HC band releases “Fino all’ultimo respiro”

The last work by Bislers, available on all digital platforms, is an EP composed of 6 tracks (“Bestie da macello”, “Futuro passato”, “Tutto mi parla di te”, “Ritornerò dal fango”, “Mondi paralleli”, “Sbocco antisociale”).

One year after their “Oche da guardia”, the band releases “Fino all’ultimo respiro”, recorded at AnimalHouse Studio by Federico AnimalHouse Viola, produced by Charles Records and co-produced by Distruggi La Bassa Festival, True Believers DIY Booking & concerts, TPIC records and Rumagna Sgroza Records. As for the logo and photos, instead, thanks go to NSGraphicart and Matteo Pelizzari. Bislers presented their latest work on 6 February at “Blackstar” in Ferrara, opening the UK SUBS show.
Waiting to see them on stage, here below you can listen to their new EP.

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