New Found Glory – Resurrection – Review

“Resurrection”, released on October 7, 2014, is the eighth studio album by American pop punk band New Found Glory and the first recorded as a four-piece, since guitarist and founding member Steve Klein left the band last December. Therefore, a drop in quality could be expected from this work, particularly regarding the songwriting process, as Klein wrote most of the lyrics so far; in spite of this the record sounds inspired and written very well all in all. This can be noted from the first track and single “Selfless” (whose lyrics are an invitation to be less selfish), together with the title track ”Resurrection” (featuring vocalist Scott Vogel of Terror). Then we have ‘ìThe Worst Person” and ”Ready & Willing”, second single and undoubtedly one of the best songs on the album. Up next there are the energetic ”One More Round”, the more placid and rhythmic ”Vicious Love” and finally ”Persistent”, the less inspired song of the entire record in my opinion; however, after that we find two great songs, ”Stories of a Different Kind” (which seems to have been recorded during a session of ”Sticks and Stones”, their 2002’s masterpiece) and ”Degenerate”, a melodic yet very powerful song, especially in the refrain. The album is almost over, but not before giving us to enjoy the bass intro of ”Angel” or the catchy choruses to sing along of ”Stubborn” (featuring Anthony Raneri from Bayside on guest vocals); closing songs are both lively and light-hearted  ‘ìLiving Hell” and ”On My Own”. To sum up, Coral Springs-based band managed to pull out of the hat another good record, which surely needs to be heard more than just one time to be well assimilated, although in no way it reduces the importance of NFG, not by chance one of the most influential pop punk bands for many years.

1. Selfless 8,5
2. Resurrection 8
3.The Worst Person 7
4. Ready & Willing 9
5. One More Round 7.5
6. Vicious Love 6.5
7. Persistent 6
8. Stories of a Different Kind 8.5
9. Degenerate 8.5
10. Angel 7
11. Stubborn 8
12. Living Hell 7.5
13. On My Own 7.5


So long, so long
And thanks for nothing
I’m gone, I’m moving on
Watch my resurrection’ – Resurrection

Reviewed by A.O.

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