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path small town boy album cover

Path, the Small Town Boy who paints reality in music

An EP with a deep soul about suburbian reality, as seen through Path’s eyes

Many think that in order to be a songwriter all you have to do is pick up a guitar, write a song, choose the right chords to imitate this or that school… And that’s it, simple. Being a singer and songwriter is something extremely deep, intimate, sincere; something personal that becomes public, shared. The Singer-Songwriter is a musician that knows how to read life and the world, converting them into words and music. Be it their own vision, be it a general reading, be it their own story or somebody else’s or be it the voicing of a common thought set to music by a spokesperson, those who write songs and offer them to the world must have something that many don’t have… or are unaware of having: an earnest soul.

The first thing I thought when I listened to “Small Town Boy” by Path was: “what a beautiful soul this EP has!”.
Because it comes to a point where the Singer-Songwriter and their songs become one, they are identified by one another. Their songs become their legacy, the inheritance of the most intimate self that those who make music give to others. 
Path is a Small Town Boy. You can hear it in the songs. His clear identity, the drive to explode and explore beyond the boundaries, always keeping in mind who we are and where we’re from.

Path accomplishes a challenging task that, in my opinion, awards him with the title of Singer & Songwriter, intended as the artist I described above. Being capable of writing simple yet heavily narratively charged songs that become articulated as they mirror the entirety of the person who wrote them, with his lights and his shadows. You have no clue how hard it is, especially in the modern music world.

And doing it with such spontaneity and purity, it almost reminds me why, when we were young, we wanted to split the world in two, without even knowing where to start from; and why, still today, I think we should do that. I see myself, I remember what it means and it rekindles something inside. 
If you haven’t listened to it yet, do it, with these premises well kept in your mind. If you have already listened to it, do it again, thinking about what I said.
Immerse yourselves in the stories that Path tells us, explore them, ask yourselves where they come from.

Musically speaking, it’s a genuine EP, honest, with an attentive production that doesn’t hide the punk roots of our songwriter, instead it celebrates them and makes them universal, something that is possible to relate to with great easiness, even without being too familiar with punk.
Basically, we’re talking about that concept, often unpopular, misunderstood that is the term “pop”, meaning “popular”, accessible to all, not exactly the known definition of inexpressive, ready-made music. There is no space for negative reviews, this record only transpires beauty and art put into music with a lot of dedication, sweat, passion, simplicity. However it is with his descriptive capabilities, poetry and emotion that this spokesperson of a world made of details touches you deeply. 

Path guides you through Suburbia, through the stories of normal yet extraordinary people, accompanied by the smell coming out of the coffee pot of those who offer you a spot at their kitchen table for a coffee and a chat. 
It offers you honesty, which is what I’m looking for the most in albums nowadays.

Small Town Boy Is an EP that is worth a discography. A jewel that functions as a business card, the crown jewel that will introduce you to an artist that knows what he’s doing… And it does it very well, with all the dedication and honesty available. Path created his own identity and it couldn’t be better represented by a work like Small Town Boy. This is an album of tales, accompanied by music. An album of music that transports stories.
Let yourselves be transported into a world that you would have otherwise missed, if it were not for this city poet. Trust my words, you won’t regret it!

Gab De La Vega

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