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PUNK ROCK RADUNO, July 14/17, Bergamo

The Punk Rock Raduno is over and we can assure you that this first edition has been a huge success!
Punk rockers from all over the world met together as a big family in Bergamo to listen to music, support band, drink and meet old friends!
The festival lasted four days from 14 to 07/17/2016:
Thursday: we were excited and when we arrived at the Edoné (the place where the festival took place), It was already full of people ready for the mosh pit!
On stage: Mega, local punk rockers, Sugus from Spain, Midrake from Switzerland and the headliners, DeeCRACKS, from Austria.
Despite the black sky above the stage, all the bands have been able to perform, heating up the atmosphere for the next day!
Friday: we were still thrilled (and drunk) from the day before but here we are at the Punk Rock Raduno again! To represent our beautiful country there were the Volkov followed by the Tough! Few months ago the Tough have released their new album: they played some songs from it alongside classics like Love Me Tonight and Ramones On My Stereo.
The next was the canadian Jimmy Vapid, accompanied by the Mugwumps for the occasion but the dances ended with the fantastic gig of the Chixdiggit from Canada who inflamed the second day of the Punk Rock Raduno. Here the songs I remember: Spanish Fever, Melissa Louise, Miso Ramen, I Hate Basketball, Chupacabras. They are also working on a new album.
We arrived early, but a little bit exhausted for the #daythree of the Punk Rock Raduno! Part. 1 – On stage: Ratcliffs, Lucy & The Rats (aka Lucy from the Spazzys!) and Leeches
After the dinner break the first band on stage were the Mugwumps. They played some of  their songs and a couple of cover: That Heartbeat, Banana Brain, What To Do, Anyway You Want It, Swallow My Pride, Tokyo Tapes among the others. Then Baby Shakes and Zatopeks, whose gigs are always a great and a funny show (Setlist: City Lights, Mary Lou, Quality Footwear, Turkish Bread just to name a few)! The headliners were the Manges who send audience into a frenzy!
We weren’t there, but you just have to know that Seby from Derozer went on stage to sing Branca Day with the Teenage Bubblegums!
So, booze, fun and the Ramones always in the air: the bands pay homage to them with different cover, (I remember Tough with Locket Love / Today Your Love Tomorrow The World, Baby Shakes with Rockaway Beach, Mugwumps with Swallow My Pride just to name a few ), while participants with t-shirts and leather jackets. In the back room there was an exhibition dedicated to them!
If you want a second edition you have to support by buying the compilation of the PRR available in digital (  and vinyl on Striped Music!

Live report and translation by V.P.

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