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Young, Loud and Snotty photo

Young, Loud and Snotty |Photos

Photo portraits about diy punk scene

Young, Loud and Snotty is the title of Dead Boys’ first iconic record, recorded in New York City in 1977.  For this reason I decided to name in the same way my photographic series of portraits of the independent music scene. 

The images you see here are a selection focused on the DIY punk scene and take in consideration the ethics of “Do it yourself”, a way of life similar to non-commercial punk (but not only). Considering that DIY thinking can be applied to all aspects of our daily lives, in contrast to the dominant society, we can define it as a tool for the creation and dissemination of ideas, practices of resistance and self-management through different forms of expression, including music.  

The people I photographed are people I crossed along my path: bands, visiting people who were staying overnight in my house or faces I’ve seen since I’ve been frequenting concerts. The idea was to make static portraits with a fixed background, which I had to modify often considering my frequent and obligatory change of residence.

Once completed, the series of musical portraits includes about 30 photographs, in total I can’t tell how many people I’ve photographed, even less how many I asked. The images can be seen on my Facebook page Chiara Srebernic in the album entitled “Young, Loud and Snotty”.  I don’t exclude that the series will continue, whenever possible. 

Sally, Venice/Madrid Concert organizer, Youthanasia Distro, has a small label and plays in Antidoto.
Plastic Heap, Ohio/Columbus, USA
Aitzol, Euskal Herria Concert organizer Past and present bands: The Aginalds, Iron Batasuna, Helde, Anosognosia, Kamorräh, Logical End, Aural Butchery, Ancient Emblem, Astigarraga Thrower, Cult of Misery, Urgull, Horror & Muerte, Lucifuge.
 Herkku, Finland
 Chelsea, Seattle, USA.
 Laessie, Berlin Concert organizer, renovates bass guitars. Past and present bands: Nocturnal Scum, Kriminal, Random blackouts, Substitute, Echoes. 
Judith, Barcelona Concert organizer Past and present bands: Infekzioa, Nosa, Avslag.
Plastic Heap, Ohio/Columbus, USA
Fres, Euskal Herria Sempreverde del Mogambo (Donostia). Past and present bands: Ira et Decessus, RAS, Freaknation, Sons of Decay, Useless Head, Humilitate, Guzural, Liturgical Damage, Drawning Chaos, Espiral de Demencia, Extreme PNV Terror, Coprofagia, Komando Tripontxi, Violent Headache, Trigger Travis.
 Corey, Galicia Past and present bands: Lóstregos, Bokluk, Amhra, Mass Crimen, Bodybag, Noitébrega, Inu, Black Goat, Black Panda, Ruthless.

The song I chose as my soundtrack is called “Intzak/n higatik“. Drawn from the new record (released in recent weeks) “Working class pop” by my friends Oki Moki (Euskal Herria), it means “Do it for yourself ” and it refers to DIY ethics. 

Article and photos by Chiara Srebernic

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