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Radio Punk Editorial 0 – We are back with great changes!

Here are our great changes, our little revolution!

Radio Punk decided to renew itself, to shake up the routine it had come to. Why? Because after so many years in which this webzine gave us a lot of satisfaction, the doubt was growing that Radio Punk had become (with its pros and cons) a kind of ‘online service‘. We’ve always loved writing reports, reviews and news, but all this risked blocking many creative streams. Let’s explain: for us, punk goes beyond just the musical aspect, for us it has a much wider meaning that goes from the solidarity aggregation of the spaces we frequented, to the counterculture that can be expressed in many ways (drawings, stories, etc.).

We do not want to neglect these aspects. Just as we do not want to lose that D.I.Y. spirit to which we feel bound and by which we are inspired. If we had continued to be a sort of ‘online counter’, we would have suppressed this drive, leaving our trajectory. So our new intent is to give space to everyone, to leave more room for free individual initiatives, to abolish the classic ‘review/report/news’ categories to go beyond them. We have decided to embrace orderly chaos, where everyone can find space, some the old way, others reacting to the new one. What we would like is to network, create links, give and receive support and above all… Give voice to DIY!

In this regard we have launched a permanent call, that is a permanent open invitation to anyone who wants to write any article, story, insight, reflection, drawing, comic strips, artistic photo sets, videos and anything else you can think of! So if you want to give your contribution in the form that you consider most expressive for you contact us at

Are you a band? Why, instead of asking us for a review, don’t you send us a writing explaining who you are, which ideas you put into music, tell us something about you? If you want an ‘old-fashioned’ article try to contact us, we will try to help you, but we don’t guarantee the final result. Would you like to find out more about how our webzine works? Do you still doubt that we are not a radio? Write to us at

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our freshly restyled website and let us know what you think about it !

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