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Radio Punk Editorial 1 – June 2020

Behind the scenes, Radio Punk Editorial 1: what’s new, you and us

First period feedback. What about our changes?

It might seem impossible but it has been over a month and a half since the 14th April. On that day we published the zero editorial. It was a very emotional moment when we showed you our new website, graphics, content. We also felt that we needed to explain to you our new Radio Punk, one where we tried to bring down the barriers between US/YOU by opening a line to all that want to participate.

Another aspect and one of the objectives of this new way is to try to start a positive debate. One where discussions and engagement are really about respecting each other and they are about growing, ponder, saying one’s opinion and, improving oneself among those that are part of the larger DIY scene. We are aware that social media and internet in general are not the best place as mistaking posts, articles and, pages for a place to vent oneself is a daily occurrence.

We think however that this is one of the many ways to remain in contact with those that have the will to build something and while we wait to tackle this in the next editorial, we are left with a question. When it comes to this first period, what are your impressions? Do you have any constructive criticism that you want to let us know about? On with the debate!

More news! Let’s take our time back!

We would also like to talk to you about something that from here on out is going to happen in our future publications. Up to today we have always share everything, both on our site and on our social media pages. We have however thought about it and we came to a conclusion. Listening to what people tell us, reading fanzines and, discussing it we people we thought it would be insane to keep up with the rhythm imposed by social media and its diabolical algorithms. Furthermore, it is even more insane to think that in a field like that of the DIY and punk, full of passion and very niche all has to be so passive.

Undoubtedly once one talks about passion, attitude and, dedication we cannot wait for all to just happen. We cannot just be fed info because the feed we are scrolling uninterested feeds it to us. We should go and get them not because that is how we did it in the past but because this is the passion and love meaning we give to our counterculture. Our content has been very different for a month and a half. It is not disposable. There is a website. Under “chaos” you will find a lot of nice things that push us to be engaged actively made from all sorts of people. At any time, you can go on and read anything even stuff from a long time ago.

So here is what is new. We are going to keep on using social media but you are not going to find all our content on Facebook or Instagram. We will put a lot of material on the website only in order to enhance it and because we do not care about likes but only about the fact that people make use of our content and that they understand what we wrote here. Let’s go back to being the bosses of ourselves and our time. Let’s actively support all the projects that have ideas, practices and content. This is the only way we will be able to go back to talking about passion. Let’s not just be fed “information”. Let’s go and get it when, where and how we want them. Read, share, participate!

Something about us / Our lockdown

The quarantine has hit us all in different ways, independently of our daily routine we have found ourselves to share a societal lockdown. To find ourselves locked in known spaces that began to become tighter than the day before. We have heard people comparing lockdown and house arrest. It might be an exaggeration but we have for sure had the chance to reconsider the privileges that up until march we had no idea we had. This situation of stillness has hit us in different ways as varied as our personalities. Some of us initially was overwhelmed by claustrophobia.

The lack of open spaces, the sweat of concerts and training sessions with friends. Some other smart-worked without having the chance to paint the house or make elaborate dishes. Having to stop, having to do without those pressure-release valves was very hard. In that hardship we figured out what our safe harbours that give us the chance to breathe. Radio Punk was also one of those harbours, a free space where we could recharge. We put ourselves on the line in order to change and progress. Who knows if we are playing well… What is certain is that when it was possible, we left our homes more united than ever.

In a life deprived of the ones we love, a life that became made up of duty only, for all of us, Radio Punk was the anchor that saved us. We spent what little time we had on a common project guided by passion. Online we saw the faces of our friends, something that helped us fight against the alienation of forced isolation.

As you knew we also have a distro now. Much like artisans, people with stands, collectives, labels, bands etc. we have right off the bat felt it and we lost the money we had that allowed us to organise benefit concerts, invest in co-production and in general keep all afloat. This is nothing compared to the relationship damage us all, both at Radio Punk and beyond, were hit by.

In fact, what we have in common is the fact that we miss concerts no matter how you live or have lived this hard time that is yet likely far from being over, unfortunately. While at first what emerged was to focus on the virtual side, something we have talked about before here, the latest from the government is ironic. People are going to be able to organize seated concerts where no food or beverage can be sold. Something that can work only work roughly for classical music. 

Actually because of these unacceptable limitations we are continuing to see the cancellation of tours, festivals as well as large or smaller concerts. We now know that the summer is going to be without any concerts but how about the future? Nobody knows exactly how this will play out. What is certain is that we are missing social gatherings under the stage terribly. This includes all the contingent social situations that have to do with friendship, sharing and militancy. Ours is not only music and it is incompatible with social distancing.

Our call is always open. Join in!

This distancing has indeed made it impossible or us to share our choice of changing with you. In order for us to make you understand how important for us is to cooperate, receive feed back and, contents we want to then once again let you know that our CALL is always open! Every time we get an article, a drawing or a thought in written form we find new stimuli. It is not only material that is to be shared. It is an occasion for confrontation and enrichment. Having said that, if you have something to say even if you are not sure about what is up, we will discuss it together!

To conclude, we thank you for all the love you sent us. We cannot wait for the dinosaur to finally come and take back its rightful place in real life!

Radio Punk Crew

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