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Radio Punk Records’ declaration of intent!

Radio Punk Records: label and independent distribution since 2017

Honestly, we could have called this presentation article “Chronicles of a madness: founding a label and distro in 2017!” Yep, it’s been 3 years since the birth of Radio Punk Records, one of the many projects that make that creative “container” that is Radio Punk alive.

This project is just like we said a label with which we’ve co-produced several records, CDs and two fanzines – I swear that in the next article we’ll make a detailed list of all our co-productions, also because it’s getting embarrassing to answer “don’t know” when they ask us for catalogue numbers! – but not only. In fact, in addition to the label, we also have a distribution with different material including records, CDs, cassettes, DVDs, books, fanzines and even self-productions. The latter are made by us and include pins, magnets and keyrings (true to recycling, they are made from beer caps!) and other things we have experienced over time.

Back to “madness”. The madness of embarking on such a path is definitely in front of everyone’s eyes. In a world where every content seems to be disposable, where if you don’t grab people’s attention while scrolling the home page they won’t notice you, well it may seem simply absurd to jump on the physical format, so out of time, so out of fashion, since everything is now poured into the “virtual”. However, our goal has always been to actively support music, art, culture, ideas and practices. And what better way than to concretely support them in their most authentic and tangible forms? So our label&distro project, while remaining desperate, is damn necessary for us, as we realize that what is necessary in these times is to stay where people are, online, to bring them back to our concrete spaces to appreciate bands’, writers’, militants’, individuals’ hard work.

And so, this was Radio Punk Records’ simple, clear and crazy declaration of intent !

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