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About Us / Call

We are not a radio, but…

It is 2020, over time everything evolves, nothing is forever and we must always try to improve. Thus, we decide to rely on fantasy and driven by our idea of ​​punk and DIY we ask ourselves a simple question: what is it that interests those who live our scene? The answer is simple: everything. So why stop at punk and music when there is so much to talk about underground and DIY? Our webzine, therefore, becomes a virtual space available to anyone who wants to contribute with any type of unpublished content as we will explain below in the “Call”.

But let’s take a step back. The year 2011 runs, passion is so great, attitude is everything. The dream of making a web radio on punk was born and shipwrecked in a short time. Only the name will remain, leaving room for the desire to create a webzine, transporting online the desire to support the DIY punk scene through reviews, interviews, reports and news.

The Radio Punk webzine is then joined by some projects such as the independent label, the distro, the various self-productions and the playlists, thus making Radio Punk a set of projects animated by a collective scattered around the world who slams in total self-management.
Going back to the initial question, why go further and not just talk about punk and music? Because for us it is anything but a simple musical genre. For us, it is anger, love, hate, rebellion and heart. And it is precisely for this reason that our little revolution began, always keeping punk as the central node, but opening up to new ideas, new topics, new paths. In a nutshell, we have decided to embrace “chaos”.

What’s important for us:

  • the international aspect: we try to do everything also in English, to get our content to as many people as possible.
  • The political aspect: we are anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, loyal to DIY and against all forms of racism, sexism, authority. We support every type of band, collective, label, reality, every platform that supports these ideas.

Open Call for DIY Supporters. Keep alive Radio Punk!

We give you the space, let us hear your voice!

Thus, we have decided to expand to other contents and themes that may be interesting to anyone who is part of the punk “world”, which as mentioned is certainly not exclusively interested in the musical part, precisely because it is not a simple musical genre but it is a counterculture that touches and embraces a multitude of ideas, feelings, spaces, themes, practices and subcultures. Therefore, here is the idea of ​​launching an always open “call“, or an invitation to anyone who wants to send us a contribution. What kind of contribution? Any! You can send us an editorial, a story, an in-depth analysis, a video-tutorial, tips, articles on albums, books, films, TV series, artistic photo sets, tattoo designs, graphics, poems… whatever, plunge yourself in! Important: it should be unpublished material, or the English or Italian translation of a text that has never been translated before.

So, that you want to talk about the Welsh punk scene of the 80s, that you want to make a drawing on a current theme, that you want to give us useful tips for cooking vegan dishes at concerts, or even open a small section, spread ideas, practical tips on how to create your own piece of craftsmanship, create a comic strip, a satirical cartoon on the topic of the day, do an interview, talk about popular sports or more, well jump on board and participate in the call!

Are you in? Set, ready, go!

– Write to us at to tell us about your idea and receive all the necessary information to prepare your contribution which, as mentioned, will be in the form that you think is most expressive for you!

– Are you a group, a label or do you have a project of any kind? You are free to turn the material over to but we do not guarantee that we will be able to satisfy your request. Instead of asking us for a review/article, why don’t send us a text explaining who you are, what ideas you put into music, tell us something about yourself! We will publish it with pleasure.

Collaborate with us! If you want to help us with requests that may reach us (for example reviews) or you want to help us as an Italian-English translator and vice versa (only if the level is really excellent) write us at

– To add an event to the calendar send us the flyer and the Facebook event (or alternatively all the relevant info) to

– Do you want to find out more about how our webzine works? Do you still have doubts that we are not a radio? Do you want info on our distro? Write to