Ratbones – Ratwars EP – Review

Do you remember “i Ratti della Sabina” (Sabina’s rats)?! Well, they have nothing to do with this! Or better, we’re dealing with rats, but they come from Genova and they’re called Ratbones, a punkrock band devoted to the Ramonesism since 2003. October 2nd was the date of release of their EP called “Ratwars”, for the label I Buy Records.
We’re talking of 4 tracks divided into two sides. Starting from side A, we find “Lost in East Berlin”, purely referred to the monumental Ramones Museum, but it’s in “Operation Rebirth” that you can hear the “Ramonescore” essence; so you can understand: do you know “Judy is a punk”…. Closed hi-hats and a continuous 4/4 beat! Side B starts with “Enemy in Me” and here you can understand the hydrophobic streak that they stamp in their sound. The EP closes with “Striped T-Shirt Girl”, a very fast paced track that confirms all the good things done up to now by the band.
10 minutes of pure punkrock…great stuff! Stay Punk!


Reviewed by P.A.
Translated by L.A. and J.L.

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