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Review: Across – DarkCore

Energetic and emotional HC straight from Calabria

This is the first record for Across, a band born in January of 2019 with members from Shameless and Lumpen. This 7 track EP blends Italian HC with powerful and melodic guitars and powerful gang vocals that are reminiscent of bands such as Champion or Have Heart. Overall, the tracks are fast and intense. The vocals are on the shout-y and high-pitched side a bit like 7 Seconds; however, they are supported by the guitarist with Oi!-like spoken sections. In the midst of all the perfectly orchestrated melodic sections driven by the guitars are the lyrics. Across themselves rightfully define them as dark and bleak; they do indeed tell the dismay of their home town.
In songs like Darkcore the rage that exudes from the songs is “intimate and personal yet akin to those of others and common among all”. The lyrics alternate between more political matters and profoundly introspective reflections. The record came out about 2 months ago through Duff Records, Out of Control, Lanterna Pirata and TPIC. Before the album, the band released one single, Lacrimogeno, and a videoclip Nero come Rembrandt.
For all those that like a more “heart-felt” HC with a tinge of melancholic melodies, this is a must for them. Keep an eye on Across, they might soon be heading to your town for a fiery concert!

Rating: 7/10

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