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Review: Dischordia – Let The Queen Die

Don’t let the Scene die

Do you know all those bands that still play Melodic Hardcore and sing in Italian? Me neither. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement but that’s a subject that’s very near and dear to my heart because I think the Italian language is the perfect vehicle to craft those sweet melodies that define skatepunk, but also to get across some heavier messages that need to be yelled. With this completely personal opinion in mind, it’s with a big smile on my face that I approach “Let the Queen die”, Dischordia’s newest work. This band, formed in Florence, Italy in 2018, delivered a 5 tracks EP that, despite the title, is almost completely sung in their native language and is a neat callback to CA 90’s skatepunk with a production work that, while being a little rough around the edges, provides a fun listen through the entire record. Instrumentally speaking, the guitar work is really good in the writing department, and even manages to fit in some cool solos (another dying art, unfortunately), while the rhythmic section (fast and heavy, with basslines that perfectly tie rhythm and melody) serves as a time machine to take the listener back to the golden age of skatepunk, only this time it’s not about reaching 88 MPH but around 200 BPM. Vocally, the record works perfectly fine, with catchy melodies (take Rancore’s chorus as an example) and well-written lyrics. A special mention goes to the graphics of the album, captivating right away and very well crafted. Overall, “Let the Queen die” doesn’t aim to shock the listener, but rather to offer a solid undergrund alternative to the big names in the genre, a very recommended record for fans of Melodic hardcore from overseas, or simply for those who want to grab their skateboard while also supporting a scene that, unlike the Queen, should not be left for dead.

Album rating: 8/10

Reviewed and translated by Teo

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