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Review: Dispersi – Tra Le Nostre Macerie

The debut album for the Italian band Dispersi.

The first album from Dispersi, titled “Tra Le Nostre Macerie“. Antonio, Daniele and Giovanni are an emo trio from Naples that, for being newbies, are doing incredibly fine. Out since the 25ft of October, a slow and Midwest sounding emo style also effected by some math and post rock influences in their riffs and melodies. It’s a very well balanced record that switches between strong and fast tracks to some  slower and introspective ones in which the instruments and the voice are in perfect harmony. They don’t spare us from very personal stories mixed with some screaming lyrics, that tell us all their feelings and burdens straight to our faces. It starts with “Orocrinito” to end with “Settembre“. This is the path that  Dispersi lead us on in order to comprehend all their emotions, sensations, often driven by fear and insecurities. We’re looking at a wonderful debut that makes us hope for a bright musical future for these guys.

Score: 7/10

Tra le Nostre Macerie by Dispersi

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