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Review: Jodedoss – Numero 2


Take some punk attitude, mix it with alternative rock like songwriting and add a bit of 90’s grunge flavor, JodedosS’ “Numero 2” is a dish better-consumed whole in front of your trusty record player. The four-piece band’s sound (hailing from Andalo Valtellino, northern Italy) is, in fact, a balanced mixture of everything good about the aforementioned genres, making a damn good production and a simple, yet effective, writing its strong point.
Guitar-wise, as already mentioned, the approach is almost minimalist, but in no way trivial as heard from the very first notes of the first track “Quello Che Voglio” (Literally “What I Want”), a crunchy sound that perfectly sets the mood for the entire record, all the while the bass-drum combination makes a solid rhythmic section as the vocals work very well through the 8 tracks journey which, to my absolute pleasure, is completely sung in Italian. A special mention goes to the very clear production of the album, which makes every listening enjoyable, and to the fantastic cover art (seriously, can we get more dogs in record’s cover arts?).
Finally, to semi-quote my favorite track off “Numero 2” (Domani): Tomorrow is another day, but it’s today that you should give this record a spin!

Album rating: 8
Reviewed and translated by Teo

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