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Review: La Ska Brass – Mírela

“Mírela” is the third album by the Catalan ska-punk band

I was waiting with curiosity for the release of “Mírela”, third studio work by the Catalan band La Ska Brass, out on January 24th via Maldito Records. For those who still don’t know them, they play ska-punk in Spanish with evident influences from their reference groups, first of all Ska-P and Talco. And, as if that wasn’t enough to be in my style, they love to play with words in multilingual mode. Starting with their name: in fact, if at first glance it combines ska and brass, in Spanish it sounds like… the goats!
Also from this point of view, the new album didn’t disappoint my expectations. In fact, on the cover we find the title hidden, like a rebus, in the TV screen that stands out in the middle: the notes mi, re, la (E, D, A), compose the word Mirela, which thanks to a simple shift of accent can represent a woman’s name or the imperative “look at her”.
And the look itself seems to be the common thread of the 12 tracks (plus a 13th track only on the physical record) that make up the album. The look of censorship despite the Constitution guarantees freedom of expression (“Artículo 20”), the harassing and objectifying look on woman’s body (“¡No es no!”, in my opinion one of the best songs of the album), but above all the omnipresent look of the mass media that reduce life to a show where it is no longer clear what is reality and what is fiction (“Mírela”). “Postureo del Terror”, the first single that anticipated the album already in 2018, is also about the media and the selective indignation that depends on the nationality of the victims of wars, attacks, etc.
The classic ska-punk recipe based on fast rhythms, catchy melodies and stinging political/social criticism is well served in Catalan sauce, even with some unexpected variations on the theme, from the rapping of “1 d’octubre” (about the independence referendum) to the ballad-like “De cero”, an invitation to start again without ever looking (again!) back.

1. Un Ciudadano Ejemplar
2. Artículo 20
3. ¡No es no!
4. Mírela
5. 1 d’octubre
6. Consumo Global
7. Postureo del Terror
8. ¿Quanto?
9. Sin Pensar
10. La Dedocracia
11. De Cero
12. No Hagas Ruido

Reviewed by Elvira Cuomo

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