Review: Motron-Who’ll Stop The Rain

Beer, mosh and raw & roll, that is the new Motron’s record

So yeah, the new Motron‘s record is finally out, following the 2015 ”Eternal Headache”, the band’s latest album.
I have to say that my expectations were high, given the band’s musical background and considering how good their first great record was, and they were absolutely not disappointing.
”Who’ll Stop The Rain” is a killer album, that mixes riffs and atmospheres of crust/d-beat with a rock & roll attitude, smashing fourteen super tight songs straight to our face, hammering our head and ears for half an hour of hardcore delirium.
A raw and aggressive guitar plays the main role in the record, swinging between heavy riffs and sharp solos that, together with a granitic rhythm section, makes the record thick and solid.
Among this metallic chaos, a hoarse and violent voice narrates a reality that sounds like dystopia, but that pretty well represents our current situation, and the existence of those who live at its  margins.
The lyrics are about war, drugs, the clash of men against men, euthanasia.
The words are punches in the stomach, bullets that are impossible to dodge.
The final treat is the cover of ”Potere nelle Strade”, a classic Nabat song revisited in Mortron’s style.
Skillfully rocking between Doom and Motorhead, Anti Cimex and Extreme Noise Terror, Motron give us their own version of raw ‘n’ roll, without any compromise or discount.
Either fans of rock and roll or fanatic of the most extreme subgenres of hardcore, you won’t be disappointed.
So don’t hesitate and let yourselves be swept up by Motron’s fury, and pump up this fucking great record at full volume!

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