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Review: xDELOREANx/xDUHx – Split

xDeloreanx and xDuhx, cannonade from Tuscany

From Tuscany with violence, comes this split between xDeloreanx and xDuhx, two bands from the Italian powerviolence scene, a concentrate of badness, nonsense and punches on your teeth that in about thirteen minutes will fuck your eardrums and your brain without  mercy. We start with Delorean from Florence, with their powerviolence from the future, that smash our faces with five short and powerful tracks. The lyrics are in English, with numerous references to the ”Back to the Future” trilogy, as you might expect from the band’s name. Talking about the sound, we get the classic powerviolence sound, straight to the point with no bells or whistles, and it’s impossible not to find yourself in an inconscious and obsessive state of violent headbanging. Then it’s Duh’s turn, from Pisa, which, with their seven songs (in Italian), deliver us a shot of their ”Nonsense powerviolence” (quoting their own song ”DUH”), a mixture of brutality and off-the-wall lyrics, that definitely keeps up with the standard set by Delorean, and that will make you laugh hard while you punch that fucking wall with your bare hands. Like we said for Delorean, musically you’ll find no less than what you might expect from a really well done powerviolence record, so you won’t be disappointed at all. In the end, this is a record that, without any useless turns of phrase (as powerviolence taught us), kicks asses (and breaks ears), so don’t hesitate to give it a listen and let yourself be taken into a vortex of musical violence and bad manners, altogether with some good old tupatupa (the sound of fast hardcore drums in Italian). One last tip: to fully enjoy this record, listen to it as loud as possible, on repeat till your ears start to bleed, trust me.

Review and translation by Tomà

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