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Review: Zeman – Sunday Boys

“…We are the Sunday Boys, drinking beer and bring some noise!”

After several months I’m back at it with a new review. This time it’s for the album of a band that really marked my path. I’m talking about Zeman‘s “Sunday Boys”, an oi core band from Bologna that recently became a four piece, even though the album was recorded by the all sardinian trio made up by Rocco, Roby and Mauro.
“Sunday Boys” is composed of 12 tracks and it has been recently released by Hellnation in a viniyl+cd version , trademark of the mythological Robertò. What’s rad about reviewing a record with its physical form in your hands is that you have all the credits right before your eyes, I’m therefore glad to report all those who contributed to its successful release in such a major way. Let’s get it on. Recordings by Grug Marini and Manuele Marani from Son House Studio, mix and master by Valerio “Hombre Lobo”, graphics by Federica “La Rude” and photos by Francesca Paola Marino. About these I must add that the artwork is minimal and very well done since it’s totally in tune with the lp itself.
Talking music I’ve known Zeman for years and, to be honest, their previous studio works (apart from “Disciplina”) weren’t all that great to me. On the other hand I always thought they were very unique livewise and with their last concert in Imola they fully convinced me. The political and “street” side of the band is a whole different chapter as I always admired this band and these people. Why am I telling you this? Just to let you know I played this record without knowing what to expect.
Let’s start. We get out the gates full throttle with “Football Violence”, oi! and Motorhead united against UEFA and Fair Play! I love them already. The record continues with a bunch of slower-but-not-so-much songs as “Rivalsa”, “Bar dei Ragazzi” – said bar is an historical socio-political outpost in San Donato ( truth be told it’s a chinese bar lost in the wildest proletariat, harsh reality, no fake and glittered conformisms)- then there’s “Sunday Boys” and “Troppo Grezzo” that lands a pretty important featuring since the refrain is sung also by Rude from Ghetto 84. Back with the supersonic speed of what has become one of my favourite songs of the lot, “Bonehead” miming those fucking nazis (just see the lyrics “non sopporto più che ti vesti come noi, giri con i nazi e poi ascolti oi!” “I can’t stand you dressing like us, stroll with nazi boy and then listen to oi! and “eja eja ha ha ha!”).Here we are flipping side moderating the speed and inserting some melodic riffs with “La Nostra Gioventù”, song that doesn’t really convince me from a metric point of view but really strikes me thanks to excellent lyrics and that was even voted as best video in our poll. Going on with “Football Fighting and Drinking” (easy to guess what it’s about straight from the title), “Rude Rebel Ultras” a.k.a. The new “Disciplina” (just listen to the refrain), “Diego Armando Maradona” probably the most playful track,”Sotzialismu
Indipendentzia” an entire song sung in sardinian language by the 3 members and closing with “Qvis Contra Nos”, heartfelt track in collaboration with the pals from Clear Cut. By now you’ll be wondering “What does the guy think about it?” I think it’s a wonderful record, it really surprised me and I’ve been recommending it over and over to my friends. I’m still convinced there are some things to improve vocally and concerning the structure of the vocal line,while the choruses and the sounds are a plus. In my opinion when they speed up they give their best, and as a matter of fact “Football Violence” and “Bonehead” are the songs that stroke me the most. Summing up “Sunday Boys” is an album made with heart and guts, class conscience and blue collar pride, power and melody, not mushy at all. An oi! album that, as said before, deals with reality, with the streets and what people like us live on a daily basis, work, precariousness, exploitation, rebellion, terraces, ultras, concerts boozes, pranks, antifascism and working class. An album made by the kids for the kids. Congratulation to Zeman! Oi on this outsanding piece of work!

Mark 8/10

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