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Rotten River Camp is back!

Rascals of the world, unite!

Come kids, come closer. Come on, don’t be afraid, take place around me and I’ll tell you a story…

Once upon a time there was the year 2015: the trap music boom had just begun and the cover bands still dominated the seas of the Italic peninsula. It was a dark time, a time of “italicum” and “jobs act”, Expo and diesel emissions scandal. Unions of pirates infested the lower region of Romagna, gallows pendants used to challenge the yoke of their time, and it was so that in September they left their garages and on the banks of Santerno river they moshed for two days under the banner of the DIY.

Since then, every year, the crews of Kaizoku Records and Rumagna Sgroza Records keep the name of the Rotten River Camp high by organizing a two days of live music, rations and drinks for buccaneers. And this year there will be no exception: on 19 and 20 June head for Imola, drop your anchor, get off the deck and join the tide. See you under the stage!
rotten river

Rotten River Camp – Stiamo salpando

Attenzione Ciurmaaaa!!!Dopo la concitata (LML) edizione del 2019 resa possibile solo grazie all'immensa Agripunk Onlus, ci eravamo lasciati con una promessa:il #rottenrivercamp non mollerà mai perchè la nostra forza siete vOI!Guardate il video per scoprire cosa sta per accadere 🎸🏴‍☠️🍻#stiamosalpando #staytuned #savethedate #maquantoèbelloandarealrottenpericollimolesi

Pubblicato da Kaizoku Records su Mercoledì 4 marzo 2020

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