Slander – The Rush – Review

Lately a lot of interesting bands are coming out straight from the venetian shore, also thanks to one of the most active scenes in Italy, the Venezia Hardcore. The Slander come from Venice and they are one of the most shocking bands I’ve listened to in the last years, and in 2014 they were back with this 5 tracks EP Album titled “The Rush”. It is clear from the cover of the album, a picture of Punks and Metalheads running around holding pieces of human beings, beers and other things, that the level of trash and thrash will definitely be high. In fact after the intro “SLNDR” the tracks have an amazing impact, rhythm, power and speed, which is use in this new school hardcore punk mixed with thrash metal elements. The duration of the EP is pretty short, all the tunes are around 1 and 2 minutes at best, while only “Steep Slope” reacher 2:19 minutes. I find it an excellent choice since the EP, this way, sounds very compact and easy to be listened to. Amazing riffs, drums beating hard, vocals and screams are pretty angry…What else do you need?! Listen to “The Rush” and follow these guys, they do deserve it!

1.SLNDR (intro)
2.Scars and Ashes – 8,5
3.Empty Pod – 8
4.Steep Slope – 8
5.The Rush – 8,5


“It’s all in my head
not in your hands
It’s all in my head
not in your hands
It’s all in my head, not in my hands” – Steep Slope

Recensito da T.S.

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