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Copertina dello split Nabat/No More Lies

Split Nabat / No More Lies : Resta Ribelle

Nabat and No More Lies: When the strife resurfaces deafening guitars must resurface too

Deafening guitars: Nabat and No More Lies are back with the split Resta Ribelle (Stay Rebel).

Double names, double guarantee. Some time ago we preannounced this record in a news, now let’s listen to it! Even before playing it, this split is inviting even before opening it, also thanks to the amazing art by ZeroCalcare.

Side A: Nabat

Let’s begin with Nabat, the band headed by Steno delivers two new excellent old school OI! tracks. “Paolo Sollier” is the first one: it deals with the story of Paolo Sollier, a football player with good legs and a big heart, an icon of the 70’s-80’s straddling between football and working class who never tried to hide how privileged he felt for being paid to do what he liked: kicking a ball. Paolo used to salute his supporters with his raised fist, hooligans remember it very well…and Nabat are offering a reminder to all the amnesiacs with their OI!

“Modus”, the second track, starts off resolute and rhythmic, summarizing in music both the OI! aesthetic and ethos:” Basta un segnale e lo sai perché, siamo una famiglia ora lo sai/Just give us a cue and you know, ’cause now we are family you know”, not much to add. OI!

Side B. No More Lies.

A firm riff, this side of the record is definitely more hardcore, just follow the abrasive voice made in Rome and you’ll find yourself in a tornado of sound that will make it impossible to stand still. “La tua città” is the first track, its lyrics deal with everyone’s roots, giving an excellent panoramic view on the love/hate affair with your own background, the streets you grew up on, the memories you keep inside: spanning from sunsets on the projects to those bonds hidden in the city’s darker alleys.

Last track:”Colpo su Colpo”. It’s a simple, straightforward and aggressive track, the voice of the underdogs fully explodes, there’s a lot of strive for redemption, this track is gnarly :“Lotta per la tua vita, combatti, non è finita, distruggi questo sistema, colpo su colpo!””Fight for your life, engage, it’s not over yet, smash the system, blow by blow”. 

I’ll close this review with a quote from Wu Ming 5, just a few words perfectly fit for this split:

”When the strife resurfaces deafening guitars must resurface too. In times of crisis punk becomes urban blues”

Side A, Nabat
Paolo Sollier :
Modus :
Side B, No More Lies
La tua città (Your City) :
Colpo su colpo (Blow by Blow) :

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